Daisy Mae Finds Her Way

by Catherine Gibson and Michael LaChance
Illustrations by Christine Cancelli

When friends and classmates Renee & Maria encounter a scrawny stray dog, Maria sees it as dirty while Renee sees it as needing help and love. Watch what happens on the playground and at the favorite ...       more...

ISBN 9780983122166

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Healing Your Dog Naturally

Discovering the Connection Between You and Your Best Friend
by Nicole Gabriel

You Want What?s Best for Your Best Friend?

But you?re tired of getting conflicting answers, or being told to do what your gut tells you isn?t right. Nicole Gabriel knows what it?s like to d...       more...

ISBN 9781943164820

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J is for Justify

Famous Horses Racing through the Alphabet
by Lesley A.J. Baumann

Famous Horses Racing through the Alphabet – Inspired by Justify, the 13th Triple Crown winner, this tale voyages through the alphabet from American Pharoah to Zenyatta. Follow along with the horses’ r...       more...

ISBN 9781733926409

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Little Lola Frenchie Loves Bathtime

by Stefanie Trenholme

Inspired by an adorable and funny French Bulldog named Lola-who has a love for baths. Enjoy Lola's antics as you peek into her bath routine and meet her pink duckie too.

Release Date: 2/1/2...       more...

ISBN 9781737742302

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Little Lovable Lucy's Big Day Book 1

Lovable Lucy Series
by Norma E. Roth & Shayna Rose Penn
Illustrations by Auda Hernandez

Kids and parents will love this tender story showing the importance of self-growth and family life.

Children will fall in love with Lovable Lucy, an adorable, curious puppy as she embarks o...       more...

ISBN 9781737663003

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Little Lovable Lucy, You're So Big!

by Norma E. Roth & Shayna Rose Penn
Illustrations by Adua Hernandez

A sweet dog and her family teach us the value of encouragement, confidence and determination.

Enjoy Lovable Lucy in a fun-filled story as she discovers the power of confidence a...       more...

ISBN 9781737663010

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Rescuing Jack and Jill

A Real Jack and Jill Story
by Jill Heil
Illustrations by Juniper Teffeteller

Hi, my name is Jill. I've always wanted a small white dog and I found him online. He was about four-years-old and looked very sad, most likely because he had lived in icky
conditions at a pupp...       more...

ISBN 9781947937819

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Urban Gun Dogs

Training Flushing Dogs for Home and Field
by Benjamin H. Schleider III and Anthony Z. Roettger

This is a unique field dog training program and guide for hunters, field trial enthusiasts, and dog owners preparing their dogs for hunt tests who reside cities and towns. This step-by-step book helps...       more...

ISBN 9780615530833

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