BCH has been in business over 15 years providing order fulfillment for Small Presses. We've needed to be quick, efficient and relatively error-free.

We represent over 800 Small Presses, distributing over 4,000 titles. These books, videos and audios are often not in bookstores or the Internet. The subject matter covers a broad range of fiction and non-fiction (click on Book Categories.)

Browsing our Book Categories and Titles will suggest other books in your area of interest. Books can be ordered via our Toll-Free #, Fax or website.

BCH caters to titles tending to be underrepresented in most bookstores and data bases.

Historically, many great and influential books have come from Small Presses & self-publishers. Small presses are an essential component of a free press and concentrate on ideas & information. Browsers are likely to come across wonderful books that they might not have known about otherwise.