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A 40 Point Guide To Peeing In New York
By Ray Tempus

  • Item# 8703
  • 86 pp., softcover,
  • 9780977258703
  • 097725870X
  • $10.00

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85 Years on the Wrong Planet
By Frances Altman

Fair Warning! Heed carefully as 85 year old Frances Altman alerts us to the adventures, misadventures, and surprises that lay in wait for us on our planet. Her humorous rhymes and cartoon drawings chronicle her observations of human frailties and the pitfalls of love, business, and friendships. Now, having been there, done or seen that, she is moving on to start over on a different planet. As she bids farewell, she leaves us, in 85 Years on the Wrong Planet, a friendly warning: Life on Earth can be fun - but watch where you step!

  • Item# 110X
  • 140 pp., softcover, 0-9767311-0-X
  • $13.95

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A Tongue in the Sink
The Harrowing Adventures of a Baby Boomer Childhood
By Dennis Fried, Ph.D.

Are the current events of your childhood now showing on the history channel? Do you look at today's kids and suspect that they're aliens? Have you ever assaulted an electronic device? Do you forget whether some of your favorite movie starts are dead or alive? Are you saying "When I was a kid" more and more lately?

Then meet Dennis Fried, former philosophy professor and stand-up comic (just your normal, everyday career path), and the author of the popular Memoirs of a Papillon: The Canine Guide to Living with Humans without Going Mad. Return with him to the days when kids actually went outside to play! When SUVs were not only unknown but unneeded, since no self-respecting kid wanted to be seen being dropped off by his parents. When gym teachers issued directly from the "walk it off" school of pain management. Back to the days of Saturday afternoon double features, A-bomb drills, and the always-dangerous Big Kids.

This wry, incisive memoir about growing up in a small town in the 1950s will fill you with laughter, nostalgia, and reflections on the changing nature of childhood. If you were ever a kid, this is your story.

  • Item# 351X
  • 206 pp., softcover, 0-9679335-1-X
  • $13.95
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And I Thought I Was Crazy!
Quirks, Idiosyncrasies and Meshugaas
By Judy Reiser.  Illustrated by Randall Enos.

A hilarious collection of odd behaviors that are surprisingly prevalent among humankind.

Refuse to take the top newspaper on a stack? Insist that the toilet paper hang toward the front?

Laugh and gasp at quirks about food, money, sports, bathroom, clothing, sleep, germs and more.

People do the darndest things!


Midwest Book Review
A hilarious collection of odd behaviors that are surprisingly endemic among humankind. Intended for mirth and amusement, yet at the same time absolutely true, And I Thought I Was Crazy! cheerfully embraces the bizarre little mannerisms and habits that help us cope.

The New York Times Book Review
To give her fellow Americans the feeling that they’re not alone, as well as a chance to chortle or smirk at others’ idiosyncrasies, Judy Reiser has collected some 600 gem-like examples.

The Washington Post
Quirks cut across the boundaries of sex, income, race and marital status. Everybody has them. Reiser got grown people to think about it, and to tell her about it.

Ed Clancy, WSMB Radio
Judy Reiser is a hoot. Her concept of collecting the foibles of Everyman is not only unique, but genius. She invented the category. You will find yourself in her book, and when you do you will laugh out loud.

The Huntsville Times "It is not often you come across a book that makes you laugh out loud on practically every page. Judy Reiser's little book does.

Within minutes I found myself laughing out loud at the confessions that are revealed. Its content will be well received by anyone from the ages of 6-106.

This really is the funniest book I’ve read in a long time. You are definitely going to find yourself at least once, possibly numerous times, in here.

Crazy T-Shirts, Mugs, and Toilet Paper inspired by the book.  Click here.  

To visit the authors web site click here.  Don't forget to come back.

This book is available as a softcover or as a .pdf file.

Softcover Book

  • Item# 1902
  • 176 pgs., softcover, 0-9707619-0-2
  • Sale Price $11.66 Save 10% Reg. Price$12.95
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PDF File Format.  When ordering this book in .pdf file format please include your e-mail address.  The .pdf file will be e-mailed to you.
  • Item# 1910
  • 174 pgs., PDF file, 0-9707619-1-0
  • $9.95
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Are You Smart, or What?
A Bizarre Book of Games & Fun for Everyone
By Pasqual J. Battaglia & Pat Battaglia

Are You Smart, or What? is the most entertaining book of word games, ever! It combines clever challenges and surprising answers with playful innovations to both amaze and amuse readers of all ages. All puzzles are concise and uncomplicated. They are about ordinary words and things that everybody knows about so the entire family can enjoy them.

  • Item# ZZ5307
  • 112 pp., softcover, 0-9708253-0-7
  • $9.95
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Bras and Penus on a Date - A Parody
A Guide for Surviving the 7 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving, Lasting, Subpoena-Free Relationship
By Debbie Kasper, Su.C., Elliot Sullivan, Su.C., (*Su.C. stands for Stand-up Comic)

Sequel to the Hilarious Bestseller - Women Are From Bras, Men Are From Penus.

In Women Are From Bras, Men Are From Penus you will learn how to survive the seven stages of dating:

  • Stage 1: Desperation - When your love life rots
  • Stage 2: Protection - When you don't want tots
  • Stage 3: Obsession - When you get the hots
  • Stage 4: Repulsion - When you get the snots
  • Stage 5: Suffocation - When your relationship clots
  • Stage 6: Evacuation - When you get the trots
  • Stage 7: Desperation - When your love life rots

Plus you will learn that:

It's better to have loved and lost than to be run over by a tractor-trailer -- but not by much!

And much, much more!

  • Item# 0144
  • 110 pp., softcover, 1-890410-14-4
  • $9.95
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Doodlebug Island
A Visit to Sedona's Idiosyncratic Neighbor
By William F. Jordan

Through a series of illustrated vignettes, Doodlebug Island chronicles the lives of the slightly off-centered folks who live on the island's scenic shores. Separated from the rest of Arizona by the waters of Oak Creek, Doodlebug Island provides a haven for the inhabitants and their eccentricities, which mix, clash and create a multitude of comical-and usually chaotic-situations. Written with a slightly acerbic but definitely humorous edge, Doodlebug Island challenges the status quo on a variety of issues and engages readers in the triumphs, trials and frustrations of its characters' daily lives.

  • Item# 8370
  • 244 pp., hardcover, 978-0-9788283-7-0
  • $19.95
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Doreen's 24-Hour-Eat-Gas-Now Cafe
By Reavis Z. Wortham

Hilarious escapades of Reavis and some of the most colorful characters in Texas. The huntin' and fishin' misadventures all seem to have one thing in common—they get discussed and exaggerated at the lunch counter of Doreen's. 

  • Item# 0093
  • 166 pgs., softcover, 0-929980-09-3
  • $14.95
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Embrace the Pun
By Barry Corbett

Embrace the Pun is a collection of single panel cartoons from independent cartoonist Barry Corbett. Oscar Levant once pointed out: "A pun is the lowest form of humor - if you didn't think of it first." According to Edgar Allen Poe: "The goodness of the true pun is in direct ratio to its intolerability." Readers will find this inventive selection of Barry's best cartoons delightfully intolerable.

About the Author:
Barry has been publishing cartoons and comic strips for over 10 years. His Webcomics site, found at www.corbettfeatures.com has drawn thousands of visitors. His work has also appeared in major magazines such as American Legion Magazine, Lacrosse Magazine, The CityTown Extra, True West, Bounce, Skipping Stones and FiftySomething Magazines. Barry publishes Comic Books and Graphic Novels under the imprint of Griffin Comics.

This title is due to be published Sept. 15, 2005.  You may place a pre-publication order.  Your credit card will not be charged until we ship this title to you.

  • Item# 9420
  • 96 pp., softcover, 0-9762294-2-0
  • $9.95

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Hey, Lady! Your Tin Snips Are Showing!
By Beth Szillagyi

Enter a world where men – supposedly - rule and women aren't usually welcome; Ms. Szillagyi shows us the real truth behind the construction business... the good, the bad, and the hilarious.

  • Item# 0918
  • 164 pgs., softcover, 1-931540-91-8
  • $13.99
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  How To Be Totally UnHappy In A Peaceful World
by Gil Friedman

This book is an extended parody of self-help books, human nature, and our frenetic, outer-orientated consumer society.  Like many self-help books, there rules followed by exercises suggested for the reader.  The reader is instructed to keep a "Personal Unhappiness Journal" in a preferably ugly format like a business ledger to record all your defeats and failures as an indication of your progress.  You will find moments of unexpected hilarity that periodically disrupt your focus on total unhappiness.

The author is a Harvard Law School graduate and former teacher. 

  • Item# 2134
  • 205 pp., softcover, 1-887472-13-4
  • $11.95
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  I Died Laughing
Funeral Education with a Light Touch
By Lisa Carlson

Death doesn't have to be a very serious event.  This book takes a look at the funny side of death.  Loaded with jokes, puns, wit, cartoons and quotes from famous people.  But mixed in between the laughs is some important information helpful to all of us.

  • Item# 9253
  • 96 pgs., softcover, 0-942679-25-3
  • $8.75
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Kicking the Habit
Cartoons about the Catholic Church
By Rina Piccolo, Laugh Lines Press

Everything's coming up rosaries in cartoonist Rina Piccolo's wry look at nuns, priests, God, the Pope and the men and women who love them. This sinfully funny collection is the perfect gift for the recovering Catholic in your life. Rina's kick-in-the-brain cartoons are guaranteed to give your mind a total makeover!

  • Item# 581-9
  • 93 pp., softcover
  • $7.95

Book Cover & Cartoon

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Kitty Nirvana
The First Ginger & Shadow Collection
By Barry Corbett

Kitty Nirvana - The First Ginger & Shadow Collection. This collection gathers 180 of Barry Corbett's popular comic strips into one 96 page volume.

When the Garrick family decided to adopt a pet, they chose a pair of very unusual cats. As different as night and day, these interesting and mysterious creatures would turn their lives inside out.

Ginger. She's a cat's cat. Slick and self-assured, Ginger knows what she wants and always manages to get it. She's the queen of cool, bringing the art of indifference to a new level. Oh, and don't even think about picking her up.

Shadow. One very cautious kitty. Shadow is soft hearted and sentimental, a pacifist among carnivores and something of a Nervous Nellie. He never likes to rock the boat or take unnecessary risks.

Jennifer. 8 year old Jenny is Shadow's hero. A fearless and highly intelligent child, her goal is to become an Astronomer. The cats are her closest friends and confidants, and she showers them with love and affection.

  • Item# 9445K
  • 96 pp., softcover
  • 978-0-9762294-4-5
  • 0-9762294-4-7
  • $9.95
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The Knuckleball From Hell
By Michael Wayne

"The Knuckleball From Hell" - A Story of Life, Love, the New York Mets...and Everything in Between.

If you like humorous, quirky and irreverent stories, you'll love "The Knuckleball From Hell." Or if you're a Mets fan, baseball fan, or sports fan, you'll also love it.

"The Knuckleball From Hell" tells the story of a fictional Mets team that is horrendous and been driven into the ground by its bankrupt owner, while the protagonist is a high school phenom who only wants to pitch for the Mets. Unfortunately, he blows out his arm and his career is seemingly over, until he has a chance encounter with a Professor on the lam from chicken-wing eating Department of Homeland Security Special Agents, enabling the kid to join the Mets with a new pitch ? the Knuckleball from Hell - and lead the Mets to World Series glory.

Along the way the story encounters a Rastafarian quantum physicist, Hare Krishnas, the superhero Donutman, surfer dudes, a Russian Cossack, a Kalahari bushman, two New York bus drivers who become the Mets general managers, a color-coordinated Transylvanian vampire, and much, much more.

  • Item# 9714
  • 288 pgs., softcover, 9780976679714
  • $14.95
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Last One Gone Turn The Lights Out
By Ray Tempus

  • Item# 8727L
  • 124 pp., softcover,
  • 9780977258727
  • 0977258726
  • $12.00

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Living Happily Ever Laughter
A Guide to Thinking Funny in a Fast Paced World
By Kathy Brown, RN, CSP

Motivational humorist, Kathy Brown, has put together real life experiences and character building wisdom in a fun format that's easy to digest in small or large doses. The prescription for success lies within each one of us waiting to be administered with a positive attitude, a caring spirt, and a laughing heart. Resuscitate your sense of humor ... Go ahead ... Order the book ... and ENJOY!

  • Item# 8618I
  • 121 pgs., softcover, 1890676004
  • $7.95
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Love Notes  
Quotations From The Heart
Compiled by Gil Friedman, Yara Press

Quotations on love from the profane to the profound arranged alphabetically into 202 subject categories.

"...a terrific book. Over 600 quotes from more than 300 people cover just about every perspective on love....Funny, rueful, practical, wise and compassionate, this collection is recommended as a gift to anyone who might be in a love relationship....One charming feature is the great range of attitudes displayed. One can disagree totally with one, and on the same page find one that rings true and provides an insight. Lots of fun, and more educational than many a tome."
~New Age Retailer

  • Item# 8008
  • 209 pgs., softcover, 0-913038-00-8
  • $12.95
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Mama Peavy says, "Women, It's OK to Marry an Ugly Man"
5 Good Reasons Why It's OK
by Mary R. Butler

Mama Peavy is a not-so called minister that delivers a message that is needed among the single women population. That message is that it's OK to marry an ugly man. This book talks about the idea of marrying an ugly man and gives five hilarious reasons why a woman should consider marrying one. And if you are already married, you will still find this book very funny and a perfect gift for your single friend

  • Item# 6373m
  • 128 pgs., softcover, 9780963696373
  • $10.95
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Management By Vice: A Humorous Satire on R&D Life in a Fictitious Company
By C. B. Don, Ph.D., Illustrated by M. E. Cohen

The book is made up of a series of eleven anecdotes that portray the comical, devious, and self-serving ways in which a motley crew of inept, mismanaging managers skillfully bungle promising research projects. Readers are privy to the behind-the-bench scientists' desperate struggles to salvage inventions on which the competitive edge of the technology-driven company depends.

Review: Excellent, Entertaining & Informative, Original & Incisive: We really enjoyed this. We're not tin big business, but work for the health care service in the UK. The book has a "reality feel", which I presume is a reflection of the author's own experience. Very funny, but gave us a real insight into how big businesses go on. Bit of a shock! Liked the pics too. Review submitted by Dr. S. O., Family Practioner, & Dr. R. S. O., Consultant Physician from Liverpool, UK.

  • Item# 8441
  • 224 pgs., hardcover, 0-9670084-4-1
  • $19.95
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  Memoirs of a Papillon  
The Canine Guide to Living with Humans without Going Mad
By Genevieve, as told to Dennis Fried, Ph.D.

Want to know what your dog really thinks of you? In this hilarious exposé, Genevieve, a two-year-old papillon, takes you into the inner sanctum of dogdom, revealing canine secrets never before shared with humans.

Genevieve sinks her teeth into such topics as driving tips for dogs, the tragedy of doorbells in TV commercials, measuring the intelligence of humans, finding a reason for cats, how prehistoric dogs saved the caveman's bacon, converting your house into an agility course, and productive kitchen behavior.

Important - read this book before your dog does!

After you read Memoirs of a Papillon read the sequel More Memoirs of a Papillon: Diary of a Mad Dog

  • Item# 3501
  • 160 pgs., paperback, 0-9679335-0-1
  • $13.95
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More Memoirs of a Papillon  
Diary of a Mad Dog
By Genevieve, as told to Dennis Fried, Ph.D.

Perk up your ears and get to the nearest fire hydrant - canine star Genevieve is back with a brand-new collection of observations about poor, dumb humans. Following up on her best-selling classic, Memoirs of a Papillon: The Canine Guide to Living with Humans without Going Mad, Genevieve unleashes a scathing analysis of human culture that will have sociologists all over the world looking for new jobs.

The critics howl:

"Genevieve, a 7-pound papillon, has been stirring up controversy around the world with her biting commentary on life with humans." ~ The Boston Globe

  • Item# 3528
  • 208 pgs., paperback, 0-9679335-2-8
  • $13.95

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Office Poetry  

By Robert Petta

Work and office related humor strikes the funny bones in millions of people across the globe in numerous ways and forms. One of these forms is poetry and there is no other collection that is as hilarious as those in Office Poetry, by author, creator and performer, Robert Petta. Office Poetry is based on the first-hand experiences of this ten year veteran in the workforce for Fortune 500 Companies and his observations of the people, objects, and situations that all pertain to the workplace. These observations are presented in rapid, rollicking, rhymes and each poem weaves a story and twists and turns multiple meanings from seemingly ordinary objects, characters, and situations that are often seen and experienced in any office. The hand drawn illustrations by Mark Sean Wilson that accompany many of the poems in the book are maniacal depictions of various scenes in creative details and embellishments. Office related humor has never been so fun! Office Poetry sparks abundant topics for conversation because the titles and themes are so common in office workplaces everywhere. But whether common or quirky, the themes in Office Poetry are all presented in creative poems that tell stories or employ adages and age old wisdom and apply it to the corporate world. In this time-sensitive fast-paced world, people need humor and they need it fast. As fast as they can read ten words, look at a funny picture, or listen to a sound bite. Office Poetry was written and recorded on audio with that in mind. Give the reader or listener quick funny quotes, rhymes, and situations that keep him or her turning pages, listening attentively, and laughing continuously. And with the talented hand and mind of Mark Wilson working together with Petta, the illustrations are an added creative dimension to the overall work in print and live. Office Poetry is sure to entertain and give all who experience it a much needed, work-related laugh!

  • Item# 3528
  • 176 pgs., Hardcover, 0979558506
  • $21.95

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Road Less Graveled, The  
Uncle Handsome's Redneck Poetry
by Brent Holmes, Father & Son Publishing, Inc.

This delightful book features Uncle Handsome, a "redneck" poet, his wife Eunice, Granny, his sons, Big'un and Shooter, Ernestine, the mule, the Game Warden and even Bigfoot.  In the foreword by Jerry Clower, Jerry says, "Haaaaaaaaw!!! I read Uncle Handsome's redneck poetry to all my Ledbetter friends and they loved all of it.  You could have no better review of this book the Ledbetters.  When God turned that talent spout on Brent Holmes, he let it run awhile.  This book of poetry proves it".

The CD and Cassette include 51 poems performed live by the author and also includes 22 relaxation tracks. 

  • Item# 7342
  • Book
  • 118 pp., softcover, 0-94207-34-2
  • $9.95
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  • Item# 7423
  • 85 minuets, audio cassette, 0-942407-42-3
  • $9.95
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  • Item# 7504
  • 74 minuets, audio CD, 0-942407-50-4
  • $14.95
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  Sisters By Heart
Partners in Aging
by Mary Lou Fuller

A Memoir of Two Women.

"Sisters by Heart -Partners in Aging" is an honest, refreshing, insightful and humorous account of the life and love of two remarkable women who met 20 years ago and now, in their seventies, thrive in their partnership.  Besides recipes for living, the book includes over 40 great food recipes and menus, charming cartoons illustrate events in the couple's aging together" ~ Ruth Harriet Jacobs, PhD. Author of "Be An Outrageous Older Woman"

  • Item# 9438
  • 139 pgs., softcover, 0-9657894-3-8
  • $14.95
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So You Think You're Smart
150 Fun and Challenging Brain Teasers
By Pat Battaglia

So You Think You're Smart is a delightful book of word games that the entire family can enjoy. All games are concise, uncomplicated and, most of all, a lot of fun. They are about ordinary words and things that everybody knows about so only common knowledge and a bit of resourcefulness are needed to solve them.

The games are only one of the fun features. All answers are encrypted! Each is given on the same page as the game, but is printed upside-down and backward - as in a mirror image. To ensure that they cannot be accidentally read, the answers are further obscured by using italics and a reduced size type. A mirror is needed to reveal the answers - and a special unbreakable plastic one is provided with each book.
  • Item# ZZ5315
  • 96 pgs., softcover, 0-9708253-1-5
  • $9.95
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Twin Toons
Cartoons by Nancy Bea Miller, mother of twins, Laugh Lines Press

You'll "double-up" with laughter over this first ever collection of cartoons about twins. That first ultrasound, double-duty labor pains, his and her breast feeding, the crazy comments other people make ("are they fraternal or maternal?") and of course, telling the kids apart.

  • Item# 581-8
  • 60 pp., softcover
  • $7.95

Book Cover & Cartoon

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Who Cares If It's A Choice?
Snappy Answers to 101 Nosy, Intrusive and Highly Personal Questions About Lesbians and Gay Men
By Ellen Orleans, Laugh Lines Press

Leap beyond the "we're just like you" stage as Ellen Orleans tackles real-life homosexuality at its funniest. Somewhere between a lesbian Miss Manners and a queer Dr. Science, humorist Orleans explores bear clubs, gaydar, lesbian flow charts, The Dinah Shore Golf Classic and much, much more!

  • Item# 581-3
  • 89 pp., softcover
  • $7.50


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Women Are From Bras, Men Are From Penus - A Parody
A Survival Guide for Bypassing Communication and Getting Even in Your Relationships
By Anna Collins, Su.C., Elliot Sullivan, Su.C., (*Su.C. stands for Stand-up Comic)

The definitive guide for all your relationship problems!

In Women Are From Bras, Men Are From Penus you will learn these critical survival skills:

  • How to get a man to do what you want
  • How to flatter the pants off a woman
  • How to motivate a man by becoming a dominatrix
  • How to talk to a woman without listening
  • How men go up and down like yo-yo's
  • How women go 'round and 'round in cycles
  • How to tell if you are arguing
  • How to dress for an argument
  • How to blame your partner for practically everything
  • How to wage war


"I laughed...then I cried...then I stole their jokes.  Don't miss your chance to do the same." ~ Sharyn Wolf, author of Guerrilla Dating Tactics.

  • Item# 0101
  • 114 pp., softcover, 1-890410-10-1
  • $11.95
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