by Peter Gibson

America is not a healthy nation. According to The World Health Organization,
Americans spend more money on health care than any other country. The average person spends $4,887 a year on health care (compared to the No. 2 nation on the list, Canada, at $2,792/person annually), yet the media is full of stories about obesity, diabetes, and the impact stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep and exercise have on our health.

Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to practice self-care, instead of getting practiced on by health care? To manage your own health, instead of allowing medicine to manage it for you and move you through the health care maze - like a magnet? With the costs of health care and health insurance rising, it’s a maze that few of us can afford to navigate.

Who Moved My Magnet? addresses these issues and encourages its readers to stay out of the maze. “My goal is to help today’s kids become tomorrow’s healthy adults and see health as fun. The Wellness Wombats™ I created in my book help do that,” said author Peter Gibson. In an engaging and entertaining way, with characters like Rita Linn, Di Beatties, and Dr. M. “Ed” Esin, the book dissects medicine’s history and explains how medicine came to be the force it is today and how it conditioned people into believing it can manage their health better than they can. The message is simple. Everyone, no matter what their age, needs to take control of their own health - to move their own magnet - and not rely solely on the health care system. “We often take our health for granted,” Peter Gibson explained, “until we end up in the medical maze and no longer have it.”

At a time when wellness and preventive medicine is gaining popularity, Who Moved My
Magnet? takes a fresh approach toward helping readers of all ages take charge of their health, adopt healthier ways, and stay out of the medical maze.

ISBN 9780971999190
178 pages

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