An Introduction to Postmodern Philosophy

by Directed by Ludo Gielen, scripted by Luis Shawver

34 minute CD

This movie is a dramatic portrayal of two famous and influential philosophers magically brought back to life by Jack, a philosophy student, so that they might explain their ideas to his friend Jill. While Jill is a little dismayed by the magic, soon everyone is sitting around a picnic table having tea in a garden where Jill, a counseling student, manages to ask all the right questions. She wants to understand their philosophy but feels intimidated by any form of philosophy, afraid it will be over her head So, the philosophers, appreciating her situation, take all her questions seriously and answer them in ordinary language.

The two key philosophers talking in the garden are Ludwig Wittgenstein (1891-1951) and Jean-Francois Lyotard (1924-1998). Wittgenstein is the common denominator in today's postmodern therapy circles. Lyotard is the author who popularized the term "postmodern" and he took his major inspiration from Wittgenstein.

This lively 54 minute movie was directed by Ludo Gielen, and scripted and narrated by Lois Shawver. The explanations are clear and the film is suitable for educational purposes or for anyone interested in postmodernism.

ISBN 9780977383818

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