by Richard Neumann

When The Force Isnít With You examines one manís thirty year quest to gain employment with George Lucas. Richard Neumann truly believed, if only he could get a job with Lucas; his life would be better, he would be financially more secure, it would heal his marriage, and finally his creativity would be discovered. Over the years he attempted some unusual ways to get his resume past the front door, including creating an animated resume and disguising himself as a delivery man. Although Richard never managed to get so much as a single interview for a job, with the help of 120,000 cows he became an invited guest at Skywalker Ranch. And, with the help of a very special stone, he discovered what his true dream is. A must read for anyone who has a thought of working for Lucasfilm or has longed of stepping out of lifeís rut and following their dream.

ISBN 9780977460519
256 pages

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