by Brian Peyton Joyner

The Wisdom of Stones is about living your truth and not allowing another person to rule you.

Ben, a college senior, promised God that he would be a Southern Baptist preacher, but Ben canít pray away the gay.

Set in Upstate South Carolina in the early 1990s, The Wisdom of Stones intertwines the stories of Ben Stark and his grandfather, Charlie Phelps. Benís father deserted him and his mother died right before Benís 7th birthday, so Ben was raised by his Grandpa and Mee Maw.

The story opens with the funeral of Benís mother. At the cemetery, on a cold January day, Ben finds an arrowhead in the upturned dirt beside her gravesite. He gives it to Grandpa who tells him a funny story about a baseball player named Climax Clinton. This begins a lifelong barter system where Ben gives Grandpa a stone and Grandpa tells Ben a story. Ben loves Grandpaís stories about hoboing during the Great Depression and moonshining during Prohibition.

Publication date: May 16, 2017

ISBN 9780988146713
365 pages

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