How to safely leverage the equity trapped in your home and transform it into a constant flow of wealthand security.

by Marian Snow

How would you like to:

-Safely leverage and compound assets you didn't realize you had?
-Become your own bank and build family wealth?
-Pile up stock market gains, but never take the losses?
-Lock-in a rich, secure and carefree retirement?
-Transform the IRS into your wealth-building partner?
-Create real wealth, empowering you to help others?
-Get to your existing retirement funds with little or no taxes?
-Leave a fortune for your heirs?

Stop Sitting On Your Assets makes these strategies crystal clear - and you can apply them with security and ease. If you own a home, you owe it to yourself to know about today's new reality: You are sitting on a potential fortune that can safely and confidently be put to work to build a massively abundant financial future. A future so rich that - before Stop Sitting On Your Assets - could have only existed in your dreams.

ISBN 9780979014253
340 pages

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