Life In The Shadow of "O"

by Shakeeta WInfrey

This is a personal memoir that chronicles the tribulations and triumphs of a Winfrey: not Oprah Winfrey, but Shakeeta Winfrey. What's in a name? What's not in a name is the question. Being a relative of an international icon has its highs, lows, ups, downs. Her experiences include: crime, drugs, prostitution, poverty, incest, torment, danger and intrigue. And through these experiences, she had to find out the hard way that it's the choices we make that determine our outcome. This memoir will make you laugh and cry, and hopefully, make you reconsider your own chosen path or the path you are about to take. Shakeeta's faith in God helped her to overcome the painful past and serves as an example of what can be done when you believe nothing shall be impossible with God.

ISBN 9781424329410
200 pages

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