A New Orleans Poet

by Matthew Nolan

Exhuming Juliet: A New Orleans Poet is a collection of poetry, love letters, and journals that lead you through an intense, provocative, highly sensitive world. Nolan surveys for truth in love relationships by performing a number of messy autopsies. Sometimes he examines family, Hurricane Katrina, and the dreamlike world of New Orleans, but mostly, he enjoys dissecting the Juliets. Peek at his findings and feel yourself staring in wonder at the sensual beauty. Dare to inspect closer, and you will recoil back in your chair while turning the page for the next glimpse.

Matthew Nolan is a nationally recognized poet and the author of the acclaimed book Crumpled Paper Dolls: A New Orleans Poet. Nolanís work has been showcased on BBC radio, PBS television, and in a feature-length film documentary on contemporary American poets. His heart lies in years of continuous work with the homeless mentally ill in New Orleans. Nolan lives in New Orleans on the Street of Dreams.

ISBN 9780982530504
210 pages

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