by Bernard Goodman

This volume is a rare presentation of ancient and new wisdom with a modern, practical expression. It provides a series of conversations that will lift you and point you in the right direction for your true purpose. This is material you can put into action and enrich your life?and in the doing this for yourself, you lift others.

This is a channeled book. That means it comes from a variety of high sources and the channel, Bernard Goodman, has recorded the revelations exactly as he has received them.

Read this material with your heart and let its wisdom migrate up into your awareness. That will allow you to bypass the words and the form and receive more directly that which goes far beyond what words and form can convey.

The form of this book is written with the exact energy and meaning that the words convey directly from the source of the energy itself. It is spirit?s way of letting you know that you are important and that you are needed for God?s plan to work.

The words in this book are delivered for the supreme purpose of assisting the reader to know more of who you each are and the capacity for you to go beyond the academic learning and into the spiritual aspect of you and your higher self. This is just one avenue to finding peace in your life and discovering that you are more than you might have thought you were.

In essence, this book is about you and the future you are moving into. Consider it as something like a flashlight that shines on your own personal path, illuminating it for you so you know more clearly where you are to go.

ISBN 9780978738990
76 pages

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