A Story of Modern China

by Susan Edwards McKee

Immerse yourself in China's real heart and soul as you settle with a retired American couple, volunteers, as they gain the trust and love of their Chinese students deep in Communist China. Their mission: teach English, a key to better jobs and lives for these young people. From the minute they arrive life becomes an adventure. When NATO bombs accidentally decimate the Chinese Embassy in Kosovo local TV screens fill with grief-stricken faces shrieking for vengeance. An alarming time for foreigners to be in China!

As the months pass these teachers lean on their laughter and seat-of-the-pants ingenuity. This story, Days Like Floating Water,A Story of Modern China, is a beautifully written, always fascinating, often funny, sometimes poignant story that draws you in and wraps itself around you ~ and you don't want it to let go.

ISBN 9780979930607
401 pages

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