by George L. Fouke, Ph.D.

What do we call a pro-military dogma, wrapped in patriotism? Warocracy. According to George Fouke, Ph.D., retired professor of political studies, Warocracy is a post World War II mindset about power-Who has it? Who wants it? How will it be used?

Damn the Warocracy! explores this new ideology about the rise of misplaced power. It does not foster Democratic, Republican, Independent or any other political party. It focuses on a democratic society with the expectation of voter privilege and responsibility.

Damn the Warocracy! asks the big question. What to live for and what to die for? The political and historical trends that have shaped the Great Generation are now taking form for the New Generation to restore the positive use of political power.

Fouke, using humor and skill, informs and educates the reader about the mistakes of the past, their continuing impact, and future alternatives. He addresses the moral and political crossroads faced by the New Generation with an intensity born from his early life experiences of diversity in religion, culture, values, and political views. Professor Fouke believes in America and challenges the next generation to think independently and become morally proactive in the political arena.

ISBN 9780982074411
490 pages

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