A New Orleans Poet

by Matthew Nolan

In Crumpled Paper Dolls: A New Orleans Poet, a book of poetry, prose, and journals, Matthew Nolan ignites our senses, depicts the world without filters, demands examination and self-reflection. With the vivid imagery of words, he holds a mirror to our face and makes us see all we hide away. This at first seems like a distortion, but is really an honesty that makes us uncomfortable. Nolanís journals chronicle the struggle of a man pursuing his dream in a world of trials and a mind of dark shadows. In Nolanís writing, nothing is good or bad. It just is. His writing takes us to a place we don't want to talk about, but now may be willing to discuss.

Matthew Nolan is a New Orleans author living in the artistic surroundings of the Lower Garden District. He can be seen taking the St. Charles Streetcar to local poetry readings and bicycling through French Quarter haunts. Nolan holds degrees in behavioral science, theatre arts, general education, and has studied emergency medicine. He has been nationally awarded for his outstanding academic achievements and community leadership. Nolan has performed in numerous Shakespeare productions and has appeared in major motion pictures. He is a nationally published writer in the Sigma Kappa Delta Hedera helix, Sigma Tau Delta Gyre, Muse, and Athenian.

ISBN 9780615126555
209 pages

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