A View from the Bar

by Bob Sanford

Many of us have seen some of the blessings provided by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, mostly at the close of programs on PBS-TV. But few of us are aware of how wide-ranging The Foundation is; neither are we aware of this eccentric billionaire who looked into the future and directed all of his wealth to the betterment of mankind. This is that John D. MacArthur -- as viewed from behind the bar -- by author Bob Sanford, then beverage manager for MacArthur's Colonnades Beach Hotel, Palm Beach Shores, Florida, where MacArthur carried on his business from a table in the coffee shop and lived with his wife Catherine in a small apartment. Here is an inside look at MacArthur in his later years, an entertaining introspective on how he made his fortune and how he lived his life.

ISBN 9781568250366
148 pages

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