by Marilyn Smith Porter

Georgie Core didn't know if he could live with himself. If ony he had told Sharon his true feelings for her...when he had the chance. But she was his best friend's girl. Now all he had were his memories and dreams, but how could they ever be enough? And if he couldn't let go of the past, how could he hope to move forward with what was left of his life? Maybe the only way to keep from looking back was to truly see what was right in front of him.

But will history repeat itself when, once again, his best friend steps into the picture? Or will Georgie finally fight for what he really wants?

Last Kiss is a love story inspired by ther song of the same name... a song that always left the author wondering what might have happened on the road that night. Although the book is strictly a work of fiction, Marilyn Porter's timeless tale of heartache, grief, betrayal, honor, friendship, and ultimate love will touch your heart as deeply as the son you sing along with, every time you hear the words, "Oh where, oh where, can my baby be..."

ISBN 9781598540017
184 pages

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