An Allie Armington Mystery

by Louise Gaylord

Allie Armington's Back. Trouble's Right Behind Her.

This time she's in the Adirondacks, and it's really personal.
A long time ago Allie was summarily ordered away from her extended family's summer enclave. Her return is nothing like what she expected. Instead of the tranquil retreat she remembers, the place is a murder site. From the very beginning she's confronted with everything from cover-ups and corrupted cops to covert meth labs and cousins in distress. Allie really has her hands full.

Visiting Hotanawa was always a dream to remember. This visit turns into a nightmare she'd rather forget.
Populated with neighbors you love to hate, childhood ex-crushes you'd hate to love, and family and friends who promote more problems than solutions, Dark Lake brings us an up close look at summer life in the Adirondacks and Allie at her best.

ISBN 9780983838609
191 pages

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