by Dorothy Stokvis

Poems that bubble with rhyme and reason
Perfect for reading aloud to young and old
Modern issues in traditional, accessible forms
Do you miss poems that have rhyme and rhythm? 1’hen this is the book for you. The poems in The Rose and the Thorn explore the contemporary problems ofmodcrn life and translate them into familiar torins that we can read and understand.

In language that is clear and concise, Dorothy Stokvis explores the joys and sorrows of living a full life with a healthy outlook and a generous dose of humor and goodwill. Whether she is writing about family members, co-workers, or a cockroach, there is a genuine and unabashed openness to the thrills and travails of being a human on this planet. From the whimsical “Old Miss Rose” and her twenty- seven toes to the somber “A Young Soldier’s Prayerful Lament,” these poems present entertaining and thought-provoking glimpses into the world we live in.

Dorothy Stokvis graduated from Loyola College and worked for many years in the Maryland state government including a stint on the governor’s staff at the State House in Annapolis. The Rose & the Thorn is her first published collection of poetry.

ISBN 9780967481201
215 pages

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