An Artist's Safari
by Fred Krakowiak

Part memoir, part meditation, this intimate portfolio is a collection of vivid stories and evocative images that honor this immense and wild land. Through breathtaking illustrations and a well-informe...       more...

ISBN 9780978708405

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Faces of the Universe

by Tom Lumbrazo and Carol Lumbrazo

Tom and Carol Lumbrazo are authors, artists, and photographers based in Roseville, California. During their 43 years together, including careers in government and business, they have discovered the m...       more...

ISBN 9780979510762

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In Training

by Stephen Voss

In Training is a book of bonsai photos, a fresh look at an ancient art form.

The National Arboretum, which houses the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum, feels improbable a sea of green bord...       more...

ISBN 9780692585160

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Photography, Life, and the Opposites

by Len Bernstein

Photography, Life, and the Opposites, with a foreword by Robert Coles, is about what makes for beauty not only in Len Bernsteinís chosen art, but in all the arts. And it is about life, and how art can...       more...

ISBN 9780984676538

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The Artist's Safari

Capturing Africa with Pen, Lens, and Paintbrush
by Fred Krakowiak

With a Foreword by Dr. Laurie Marker, DPhil,
Founder/Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund

In his beautiful new book, The Artistís Safari (Maverick Brush Strokes, May 201...       more...

ISBN 9780978708412

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Thomas Mcllworth/Colonial New York Portrait Painter

by Ona Curran

early 18th century limner who recorded and painted the portraits of major
players of the New York Province in the 1...       more...

ISBN 9780976782001

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Wind Energy for the Rest of Us

A Comprehensive Guide to Wind Power and How to Use It
by Paul Gipe

Wind Energy for the Rest of Us straddles two―or more―worlds. The book is about wind energy. Itís not just about small wind turbines. Itís not just about large wind turbines. Itís about the...       more...

ISBN 9780997451818

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