Daisy Mae Finds Her Way

by Catherine Gibson and Michael LaChance
Illustrations by Christine Cancelli

When friends and classmates Renee & Maria encounter a scrawny stray dog, Maria sees it as dirty while Renee sees it as needing help and love. Watch what happens on the playground and at the favorite ...       more...

ISBN 9780983122166

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Healing Your Dog Naturally

Discovering the Connection Between You and Your Best Friend
by Nicole Gabriel

You Want Whatís Best for Your Best FriendÖ

But youíre tired of getting conflicting answers, or being told to do what your gut tells you isnít right. Nicole Gabriel knows what itís like to d...       more...

ISBN 9781943164820

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Stories from an Animal Communicator - 2 Audio CD

by Dr. Elizabeth Severino

Delightful, heart-warming, inspiring, magical stories from one of the top animal communicators in the world! This first 2-CD set of Stories begins over 20 years ago with the newly-professional telepat...       more...

ISBN 9781888674347

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Tails of Brinkley the Berner, The: Book One

The Beginning
by Laura Leah Johnson
Illustrations by Jen-Ann Kirchmeier

You have to be a best friend to have a best friend! Through the eyes of two special Bernese Mountain dogs, children will truly learn and appreciate the rewards of having a close friendship. In The T...       more...

ISBN 9780979328800

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Tails of Brinkley the Berner, The: Book Two

Giving of the Heart
by Laura Leah Johnson
Illustrations by Rex Barker

Brinkley's adventures continue in his second book, The Tails of Brinkley The Berner: Giving of the Heart. Brinkley and Luca visit their local animal shelter to meet new friends and share gifts with r...       more...

ISBN 9780979328817

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