UFO Dynamics

Table of Contents

Part One: The Scope of the UFO Problem
  1. UFOs: Delusion or Dilemma?
    Exploration of the possible physical, psychological, and psychic reactions of four allegedly close contacts with UFOs.
  2. UFOs in New Jersey
    Psychotic persons have all kinds of delusions and many have hallucinations, too; but curiously, "seeing unidentified flying objects" has been reported more often among the sane and sober than among the psychotic or intoxicated.
  3. Gary Wilcox and the Ufonauts
    Psychiatric stucy of a 28-year-old farmer who claimed he had a close-range experience with a UFO and communicated with two of its occupants.
  4. UFO Occupants: Fact or Fantasy?
    Psychiatric study of a person who had alleged close contact with a UFO and its occupants, and another person who claimed to have seen "two little men" (occupants?).
  5. Possible UFO-Induced Temporarily Paralysis
    Temporary paralysis can be a UFO-associated condition with many ramifications of medical-psychiatric interest.
  6. Beauty of the Night
    Exploration of the experiences of silent contactees can be surprising as well as rewarding.
Part Two: Psychiatric Dimensions to the UFO Syndrome
  1. The Port Monmouth Landing
    Psychiatric study of three generations of a family involved in a close UFO encounter.
  2. Woodstock UFO festival, 1966 - 1
    Repeated psychic-UFO interphase experiences of a young couple over a period of months supports the credibility of their accounts and suggests the value of a long-term intensive probing.
  3. UFO Landing and Repair by Crew
    (1) The report by Ted Bloecher.
    (2) Further details of the New Berlin landing report.
    (3) Psychiatric - paranormal survey of the principal witness. Questions are raised that might throw light on an otherwise inexplicable UFO-entities experience.
  4. Berserk: A UFO-creature Encounter
    Advantages of careful UFO study-group collaboration with psychiatric investigation explores possibilities of UFO-creature relationship and points out implicit dangers to involved witnesses as well as those who study such people.
  5. The Twilight Side of a UFO Encounter
    by Brent M. Raynes
    Baffling details of an alleged teleportation involving two young men who went for "a short ride."
  6. The Maine UFO Encounter: Investigation Under Hypnosis
    by Shirley C. Fickett
    Expert physician-hypnotist explores the lost time element when a UFO beam of light hit the car of the experiments.
  7. Comments on the Psychiatric-Paranormal Aspects of the Maine Case
    Practical Benefits from long-term follow-up and adjuntive medical, psychiatric and paranormal studies of the human part of the UFO equation.
  8. The Man-In-Black Syndrome
    (1) Dr. Herbert Hopkins' chilling meeting with a strange visitor and his family's follow-up encounter with a weird couple.
    (2) The observer-observed UFO interface is a vital part of the UFO syndrome that should be neither overlooked nor discounted.
    (3) Discussion of Dr. Herbert Hopkins' alleged paranormal experiences.
  9. Talks with Betty Hill
    (1) Aftermath of an encounter and its relevance toward approaching an understanding of the phenomenon.
    (2) The things that happen around her.
    (3) Audiotape experiments and possible interpretations.
Part Three: Theoretical, Practical and Ethical Considerations
  1. UFO Forum
    A scientific commentary prepared by Brian C. Cannon. What some scientists think who actively pursued the UFO question.
  2. A Psychiatrist Looks at UFOs
    (1) Overview of psychiatric techniques.
    (2) UFO Table Talk (Josh and the Psychiatrist). Facts and speculations on UFOs and sometimes "trivial" or overlooked clues as seen by the psychiatrist.
  3. Saucers, Psi and Psychiatry
    Probing a UFO witness' past can sometimes be useful in interpreting data that clashes with "reality."
  4. The Ethical Ufologist
    Use of hypnotic regression techniques and psychiatric background investigations of percipients often raises urgent ethical and moral dilemmas.
Part Four: UFO-Dynamic Techniques
  1. Stella Lansing's UFO Motion Pictures
    Motion picture evidence of a confimatory UFO photographic experience of contactee, Mrs. Stella Lansing.
  2. Stella Lansing's Movie:
    Four Entities and a Possible UFO Details and possible interpretations of Stella Lansing's spectacular film of the four entities and close-up view of a possible, associated UFO.
  3. Stella Lansing's Clocklike UFO Patterns
    Fascinating anomalies of clocklike patterns of UFO shapes, possibly related psychic events and controlled experiments with Mrs. Lansing and others. Note on the significance of Stella Lansing by Prof. Ivor Grattan-Guinness. Commentary on the August Roberts' "Telemystery" with further notes on Mrs. Lansing's effect on films and audio tapes.
  4. A UFO Motion Picture Experiment
    (at Betty Hill's "Landing Field")
    Close-encounter experiences might be amenable to filmic experimental techniques.
  5. Clinical Observations on Telekinesis
    Study of telekinesis as it occurs in the lives of patients seen in psychiatric practice, during psychotherapeutic sessions, and in the personal life of a psychiatrist might yield clues toward an understanding of this phenomenon and its relevance to the UFO problem.
  6. UFOs: Predictable Impredictabilities

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